About Justin

Justin Trottier grew up in the suburb of Thornhill and then moved to Toronto for work and study. He is happy to live in a busy neighbourhood with amazing parks, unique local businesses, and plenty of opportunities for community engagement.

Justin has dedicated his life to balancing his love of science and technology with his interest in public education, community service, and social advocacy. He has an Engineering degree from the University of Toronto, specializing in materials science, alternative energy systems and fuel cell vehicles. Justin worked at Mississauga-based Electrovaya Inc. in the development of novel materials for green energy, including batteries for electric vehicles, laptops, and astronaut life-support systems.

Justin is the founder and CEO of the national educational charity the Centre for Inquiry. CFI advances critical thinking and scientific literacy by hosting public education programs, social services like ESL and sobriety support, and volunteer-based community outreach at 9 branches across Canada. Its headquarters, a community centre in Toronto, has been a hub for environmental and social justice-related public events and initiatives.

Justin speaks regularly in the media in defense of fundamental freedoms like free speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of inquiry. He participates in debates and dialogue which bring together groups from vastly differing backgrounds and perspectives, exploring issues in ethics, religion, and politics.

Justin’s main priority is education and literacy. He is developing critical thinking modules for local high school curricula and volunteers with Pathways to Education, a tutoring service for students in at-risk neighbourhoods. Utilizing new media to engage youth, Justin hosts Think Again! TV, an independent media outlet that uses investigative journalism to explore human rights issues, and to serve as a watchdog for unfounded and dangerous claims.

Justin enjoys practicing piano, cycling, playing tennis, as well as hiking and walking with his dog Sagan in local parks and trails.

Justin Trottier Introduces himself to Parkdale-High Park


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