Thank you for your support.  Donations may be made at any time to the Parkdale-High Park GPO Constituency Association in support of our current campaign. All donors are sent tax receipts for the amount of their donation and there are several ways to donate:

1. Online, via credit card or Paypal account, by clicking on the button below (you do not need a Paypal account to donate through this link). We’ll also need you to email us your mailing address if it’s different from your credit card information.



2. By cheque or money order, to the following:

Parkdale-High Park G.P.O. C.A.
Attention Bruce Hearns
17 Winfield Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 2J7

Please be sure to include your full mailing address along with your cheque.

3. By cash, if up to $25, directly to our CFO Bruce Hearns at a meeting or event.

If you have any questions about how you can support the campaign, please contact us at 416-402-8856 or

We also encourage you to consider becoming a member or renewing your membership in the Green Party of Ontario (only $10): Green Party of Ontario

A good source of information on Election Finances is available from Elections Ontario.

Here is an excerpt on donation limits: “Eligible contributors can contribute up to $9,300 to a central party in any year and an additional $9,300 for each campaign period.  In addition, eligible contributors can contribute up to $6,200 annually to riding associations of any one party, but no more than $1,240 annually to a single association. Similarly, $6,200 can be contributed to candidates of any one party, with a limit of no more than $1,240 to a single candidate.”


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