I’ve had the pleasure to work with Justin in a variety of capacities, and I’ve seen him in action leading community activism projects, chairing meetings bringing together leaders of very different organizations on a common cause, and speaking effectively at rallies and protests.  I was also greatful for the work he did on my campaign for city councillor in the municipal elections of October 2010, as my Media Officer and in helping me to reach as many citizens as possible on the campaign trail.  Justin is highly regarded in our community for taking on challenging problems and choosing what’s right over what’s easy.
– Frank de Jong, former GPO Leader

Frank de Jong was the first official leader of the Green Party of Ontario, leading the party in three election campaigns, culminating in the 2007 provincial election which brought the party to over 8% of the popular vote. He is a member of Active 18, a participant in The New Bloor Street Festival and a teacher with the Toronto District School Board. Frank is a year round cyclist. an amateur opera singer and an organic gardener.


I have known Justin for some years, first professionally, but now also personally and the first thing to learn about him is the strength of his commitment. I know Justin is a tireless motivator of change so I feel sure my vote and his election will make a real difference for our riding. – Charles C. Sule

Charles is a Ph.D. Student in Environmental Applied Science & Management at Ryerson University studying sustainable agriculture systems, with a further interest in alternative energy solutions and the transition to a low carbon economy. He is the  Treasurer of Post-Carbon Toronto and a member of various environmental organizations


Justin will undoubtedly be a force for positive, responsible change that we need. He never shies away from the important issues and making the tough decisions with both wisdom and compassion. Ontario needs leadership. Ontario needs Justin!
– Edward Ackad

Edward received a Ph.D. in Physics from York University (Toronto) and is completing his post-doctoral work at the University of Ottawa before starting work as a Professor at Southern Illinois University this August.


For as long as I have known Justin Trottier, he has consistently exhibited a deep appreciation for both freedom and fairness. His talent for managing complex networks of individuals and groups on a day-to-day basis while steadfastly advocating for evidence-based laws and policies is rivaled only by his unparalleled motivation. Justin Trottier is a true defender of Canadian values and I would not hesitate for a second to endorse him for the office of MPP in the riding of Parkdale-High Park. – Mike Evans

Mike Evans is a writer, educator, and journalist, and serves as Vice-President of the Canadian Secular Alliance, a national non-profit organization. He received a Master’s degree in Philosophy from York University.


I have known Justin Trottier for a few years, and in my opinion, he would be a very effective MPP candidate for the Green Party, of Ontario, in the riding of Parkdale-High Park, in that he is very knowledgeable and very articulate.  Justin is able to debate with the best of them and always keeps his cool and never presents himself as arrogant or angry, only informed and calm.  I think that Justin, in any project, would bring intelligence and energy.  I highly recommend him as an MPP candidate for the Green Party. – Dorothy Hays, B.A., B. Ed., HBSW

Dorothy Hays is a retired Social Worker/Teacher. She served as Councillor in Gillies Township for 3 years. Dorothy was a Board member of the Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship, President of The Humanist Association of Canada, and President of the local Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers.


Justin is keenly intelligent and energetic and will make an excellent member of the Legislature for the people of Parkdale-High Park.
– Gary Fitzgibbon

Gary Fitzgibbon has graduate degrees in English, Education and Library Science, and enjoyed a teaching career in Toronto.  He is currently a volunteer archivist at the Art Gallery of Ontario.


I have worked alongside Justin on several activist initiatives and he has always impressed me as a tireless advocate of human rights. In fact, he will fight for the rights of others, even if they are philosophically different than his own. His passion and energy are infectious. This is the kind of new politician we need in our Province.
– Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a spokesperson for humanist and secularist values. He has been self- employed for over 20 years, believing in a free market society that includes social and green policies.  His environmental concerns are evident in his solar powered vacation retreat near Algonquin Park.


Having known and worked alongside Justin Trottier for a number of years, I can, with complete veracity, testify to the diligent, intelligent and meticulous manner in which he pursues any endeavor he touches. Yet more significant is his passionate and unwavering commitment to our shared Canadian principles of democracy and the equality of every citizen. It is this rare synergy of principle and tenacity that makes Justin a worthy candidate for your vote in the upcoming election. Any constituency in our noble province would undoubtedly be served well by him. – Schreiber Pereira

Schreiber Pereira M.Sc. is a researcher at the Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research at the University of Toronto

Justin has always been a steadfast supporter of church-state separation and government neutrality in matters of religious belief.  It is extremely refreshing to see a candidate who is willing to stand up for what is right in a political climate where positions are far too often cautiously crafted to opinion polls and the use of vague and empty feel-good rhetoric is commonplace. – Greg Oliver

Greg Oliver has a career trading in the futures markets and graduated from the University of Western Ontario.


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